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About Altrisk

Altrisk has been around since 1999. Today, they are one of the best-established insurance providers in SA. One of the reasons they are doing great is the way they manage risk. Altrisk is willing to ensure clients that could not get cover elsewhere. They are willing to insure clients traditional providers will not. They even offer insurance to clients with high-risk hobbies and health risks.

This amazing approach is what helped Altrisk catapult into the market. They offer a range of products. We focus on life insurance & retrenchment cover. Altrisk is reinsured by international reinsurer Hannover Life Re. They are also backed by the massive Hollard Group. It should give you the peace of mind that you are in great hands. Hollard is one of the foremost insurance companies in South African history. They will not back a losing horse.

You must always make sure your insurance company has the right resources. This backing will help when it comes to claims. Altrisk does not look for reasons not to pay out claims. Altrisk currently has an insured sum of about R226 Billion. They have an impressive policy count of about 177 000. Considering their portfolio, this is a very large amount.

Altrisk Achievements

• First to Remove General Exclusions that are Often Irrelevant.
• First to Provide Cover to Individuals with Health Risks.
• First to Offer Life Insurance to People Living with HIV
• First to Provide “Early Cancer Cover”
• First to Adopt Critical Illness Definitions that are standardized
• First to Cover People Working in High Risk Countries

Retrenchment Cover

If you live in South Africa, you will understand the risk of retrenchment. With our fragile economy, retrenchment is on the rise. We see major companies downsizing almost every other day. It seems like the risk of losing your income is growing tremendously. IN February 2014, retrenchment was at a ten-year high.

Altrisk launched an income protection plan. This product will pay out in the event of your unforeseen retrenchment. This support will buy you some time to find new employment. You will have less stress while job hunting.

Reasons Companies Retrench Employees

1. You Might be Redundant
2. Company Might be Facing Closure
3. End of Contract Work
4. Company Must Downsize
5. Loss of Major Clients, etc.

Altrisk Retrenchment Cover will pay out if you are retrenched involuntarily. It will ensure that you have financial support while you focus on finding new employment. Read More Here

Life Cover

This is one of the best policies for high-risk clients. It can be due to a dangerous occupation or even illness. The Altrisk life insurance will pay the full insured amount upon the death of the insured.

This product also includes a funeral benefit. This benefit covers the policyholder, spouse, and even children.

This policy comes with a built-in terminal illness benefit. If Hollard life determines the insured has 12 months or less to live, they will pay 100%. This money will be upfront and will be able to help make the final days easier. Read More Here


Altrisk is a solid company with many great benefits. They are unique in many ways. They offer cover for individuals that might not receive cover elsewhere. They offer affordable solutions to everyday financial risks.

We have a lot of respect for their business model. Most clients do not choose to be high risk. Not being able to find insurance can be scary. Altrisk is a solution that will make financial insurance possible for anybody.

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