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Auto & General

About Auto & General


Auto & General was founded on 1 June 1985. They are part of the epic Telesure Investment Holding Group. Auto & General is a formidable leader in SA’s very competitive short-term insurance market.

Auto & General has become a market leader through their promise to service excellence. They strive to bring you the best experience from start to finish. They have shown tremendous growth over the last 24 years. They have often grown as much as 50% per annum. That is a great achievement for any company. You need to keep in mind the sheer size of the company.

With Auto & General, you can rest assured that your valued assets will be in great hands. You can insure your car, home, expensive toys or even your business. They offer an insurance policy for just about every possible need.

Auto & General Business Insurance

The SME market in South Africa has grown rapidly over the last couple of years. Auto & General offers a policy just for business owners. Regardless of your industry, Auto & General will offer you a product that will offer you peace of mind. Let them worry about your insurance needs while you focus on your business. Business insurance can help your company focus on production.

No having insurance for your business can be risky. Imagine losing an important machine. It can potentially halt your production. Replacing the machine quickly can be vital. Insurance can take away this stress from your business.

Vehicle Insurance

With Auto & General, you can get great insurance product for your vehicles. They have taken more than two decades to learn your needs. They developed a practical option that will suit your every vehicle perfectly.

You can get insurance solutions for new or used vehicles. They offer a benefit known as “Assist Benefit.” It is a standard benefit on with all vehicle insurance policies, with the exception of third party only, cover. With this benefit, you will receive various benefits that will add value to your policy.

We can offer your free quotes on a wide range of vehicles.

Types of Vehicle Insurance

1. Car
2. Motorcycle
3. Watercraft
4. Boat
5. Caravan
6. Trailer, etc.

Auto & General Home Insurance

Home insurance is often a neglected insurance product. Due to the low risk associated with your home, some people decide not to get home insurance. It is a common misconception and can cause a lot of financial damages. It is important to insure not only your home, but also your home contents.

With Auto & General home insurance, you can rest assured. Regardless if you get damage to your building, or the content is stolen, you will be safe.


Auto & General provides great products at a very affordable rate. They have proven to be one of the most successful short-term providers in South Africa. Let them take care of your possessions while you enjoy your life.

For a free short term insurance quote, feel free to complete our basic contact form. A friendly consultant will give you a quick call to explain everything to you.

Get your free Auto & General quote today.