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AVBOB Objection Handling (English)

Here are Some Practical Examples of Objection Handling

If a client objects and says no, use one of the scripts below, read it slowly and assertively, if the client says yes when you asking the tie down question at the end, immediately go into closing line.

Send me Something via Email 1: I fully understand (Client Name), you want to see something in writing first. A lot of my clients feel this way, and I always tell them, that with a product like funeral insurance, the absolute best way to get cover is for a trained agent to listen to their needs. Remember, I am qualified to explain the most important parts of the AVBOB Cashback policy to you. I am here to help you, make the best possible decision today. What parts are you still unsure about? Answer concerns and use closing technique.

Send me Something via Email 2: Absolutely (Client Name), I can send you some benefits via email. But before I do that, can I ask, is there something about the policy you are still unsure about, or is there any specific benefit or feature of this plan I can explain to you in more detail?” – Remember, I am here to help you make an informed decision today. Answer concerns and use closing technique.

It’s Too Expensive: (Client Name), I completely understand that it might sound expensive right now. I always explain to my other clients who feel this way, that the reason why it might seem expensive now, is keep in mind, you can get both a cash payout, and ALL the amazing funeral services & benefits. Remember, AVBOB is one of the biggest and most comprehensive funeral service providers in SA. I am sure you understand, the last thing you want to worry about, is complications when it comes to claiming. – Does that make sense? – If Yes, use closing technique.

I’m Still Shopping Around for Other Quotes: Absolutely (Client Name), I understand, and agree 100% that it is important to compare products. Remember, it can be very difficult to compare apples with apples if you do not deal with this kind of product regularly. I can assure you, that this is a fantastic option. AVBOB is the only provider that will offer you a funeral policy this comprehensive. Remember, with AVBOB, you get a service over and above the cash payout, they are the only provider that can offer you a all inclusive services in-house. – Does that make sense? – If Yes, use closing technique.

I’m Not Interested: No Problem (Client Name), many people I speak with tell me the very same thing. But, as they learn more about the policy, and see what it can really do for them and their families, they were always glad they took just a few extra minutes to hear me out. At this point, I always ask my clients who feel this way the very same question, what is that is bothering you, is it the policy benefits, or the premiums that is concerning you? Answer ALL concerns and use closing technique above. If needed, use multiple objection handling to get to the end result.

I Don’t Have Time to Finish the Application Right Now: (Client Name), I completely get you, your time is extremely precious, and I certainly do not want to waste it. Please keep in mind, we are right at the end, to finish the rest of the application takes only a couple of minutes. I know for a fact that some of my clients who leave halfway through the application can get busy and then forget to finish what we started. I really want to make sure that you get cover as quickly and effectively as possible. Will it help if I get it done for you as quickly as possible? – If Yes, what is your postal address? – If no, reschedule.

Phone me in Two Weeks (Later): Great, (Client Name), I understand you need a call later, please remember I can still finish your application with you, and simply set the first debit order date to the date that works best for you. I often have clients who get busy and then forget to complete the application, and then eventually end up with no cover at all. I can postpone the first debit according to your needs- Answer concerns and use closing technique. – If no, reschedule

I Need to Speak to my Spouse First 1: No problem (Client Name), I certainly understand that this can be something very important to do. Can I suggest, that while I have you on the line, we quickly complete the rest of the application and once you have spoken to your spouse, I can simply activate the policy for you if you are happy to continue? If Yes, what is your postal address? – If no, reschedule.

I Need to Speak to my Spouse First 2: OK, I understand (Client Name), you clearly want to make sure you make the best possible decision for both you, and your deserving family. I get this concern from my clients a lot. I have a great suggestion for you, obviously my job is literally to explain this product to people every single day, would you mind if I give your spouse a quick call just to explain the important parts of the product on your behalf? – I will then give you some time afterwards to discuss the cover levels you need. Once you have made an informed decision, I will phone you back and get your final answer from you? Can I please have a name and number where I can reach your spouse? If Yes, get number? – If no, reschedule

I am Going Directly to AVBOB: (Client Name), I understand you might want to go directly to an AVBOB branch. Some of my clients feel it might be better to sit down with an agent in person. Please note that it does not cost you anything extra to use our service. We have also received the award for top AVBOB broker nationally almost every year since 2012. The reason for this esteemed award, is we take very good care of our customers. With us, you ALWAYS come first. In a post COVID world, I always suggest to my clients to have as little contact with strangers as possible. We can arrange everything for you, right from the comfort of your own home or office. Does that make sense? – If Yes, use closing technique

It’s cheaper at the bank: (Client Name), you will be surprised how many of my clients bring this up, and once I explain the reasons to them, they often change their minds. Remember, when looking at most insurance products, you have to always make a direct comparison. Apples versus apples if you will. You can’t compare a cash only policy, with a policy that also includes most of the funeral arrangements. I am sure you will agree, the last thing you want, is for your family to struggle with the burial arrangements when they are distressed. Many of my clients feel that this unfortunately reality justifies the additional cost. Does that make sense? – If Yes, use closing technique

It’s cheaper at the bank 2: (Client Name), I 100% get you. My goal today, is to help you make the best decision for you and your family. While I can’t speak for the competition, but, AVBOB created a funeral policy and complete infrastructure with the specific needs of someone like you in mind. A policy with another institution might be cheaper, but, you need to compare apples with apples. With AVBOB, you get way more than just a cash pay-out. You also get the peace of mind that the funeral arrangements will be taken care off. I am sure you will agree, the last thing you want is for your family to struggle in their time of need. Does that make sense? – If Yes, use closing technique

Closing Techniques Examples

There are many ways to close a sale. Once you finish with your objection handling, you use a close straight after. You can use your own closes during the script. Choose any of the closes below that makes you feel comfortable.

Assumptive Close

  • Can we send you your policy document to this email address?
  • Great, so let me open the application form quickly, who do you want to be the beneficiary?
  • Fantastic, to complete the application, I just have need a minute or two.
  • Based on this interaction today, do you agree that this is an amazing policy? – To complete the application – I just need to get some basic details from you.
  • Do you have any questions for me? Otherwise, I think we can move on to the next step. – I just need to capture some basic details to complete the application. Can I please confirm, is this you correct spelling of your surname?

Alternative Choice Close

  • Do you want the R10 000 or R20 000 option?
  • Do you want me to send the contract to your email or postal address?
  • Do you want the policy to go off in the beginning, or end of the month?
  • Based on what I’ve described, does R20 000 or R30 000 sound the best for your needs today.
  • Thank you for sharing this with me Mr Jones, will you go for the R200 or R250 premium?
  • Which of the two options sounds best to you, R10 000 or R20 000?

Question Close

  • Is there anything preventing you from agreeing to this policy today? – Deal with Objection and go straight to app capture.

Direct Close

  • I am sure you will agree that the AVBOB Cashback policy will give you and your family a lot of peace of mind, Can I go ahead and fill in the application for you?
  • Thank you for giving me the opportunity to assist, no what day do you want the first premium to go off?
  • Based on this interaction today, do you agree that this is an amazing policy? – To complete the application – I just need to get some basic details from you.
  • I am sure you can see, the AVBOB Cashback Policy is the right fit for your family. Shall we go ahead and get you signed up quickly?
  • On a scale from 1 – 10, how likely are you to sign up with me today? (If score is high, ask them what prevents them from scoring a 10, deal with objection) (If the score is low, say, I am very disappointed to hear this, is there something I can explain in more detail to help change your mind?)
  • Did I answer everything you wanted to know? Do tell me if you have any other questions.
    No? Okay, great. Welcome aboard. When do you want your first premium to go off?