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Please Submit Your Details Below

How the Process Works

Once we receive your details, our system submits them directly to the administrator of each respective insurer we represent. The details are captured and a provisional quote is generated based on the information you supplied. Once generated, this quote will be sent directly to our representative. We will always negotiate and fight for the best possible premiums. Once we are satisfied that the quotes are great, we will make direct contact with you. We will explain the quotes and premiums we negotiated on your behalf. If you are 100% satisfied, you will receive a quick call for underwriting. We do our best to make the entire process as quick and hassle-free as possible. Let us do the boring admin while you enjoy spending time on your bike!

Why We Need Your Details

We will always respect your time. We want to do the admin work before we even make our first telephonic contact with you. We submit your requirements to multiple providers on your behalf. Don’t worry, we only use trusted and well-known insurers. With the details on this contact form, we can get your provisional quote(s) ready as quickly and efficiently as possible. By the time we make contact, all the hard work will already be done. We will only present the best options we found and give you our best suggestion. Remember, the choice always remains yours.

What Details are Required?

The details on the contact form are the bare minimum data required for insurers to give you a provisional risk-based insurance quote for your vehicle. We submit only the basic required data and nothing more. Your details will NEVER be shared, or distributed to ANY thirdparty, unless it is absolutely required to generate a quote for your vehicle. We take great care to protect your personal information at all times.

POPIA Compliance

Your personal information is safe with us. We are extremely strict when it comes to POPIA compliance. We will use your details only for the purpose of your requested quote. Once we are done with your quote, your details are not used for anything unrelated again ever again in the future. We will not use your details for marketing, or promotional purposes. We will only use your personal details to help you find, and sign up for great motorcycle insurance, nothing else…

*Ts & Cs Apply – InShoor is an Award-Winning FSP# 43216