• Once your policy is validated by a QA agent, you will receive an SMS directly from your bank which needs your approval. This is to confirm the Debicheck mandate to debit the agreed premium from your account. – (Keep in mind, the QA process might take a day or two after you apply over the phone.)
  •  Typically, you receive a DebiCheck request within minutes of receiving your welcome SMS from AVBOB, containing your policy number.
  • IMPORTANT: A standard DebiCheck mandate allows providers to collect up to 1.5 times the amount specified on the debit order form. This limit accounts for potential future increases. For instance, if your premium is R100, AVBOB will ONLY collect R100. However, the DebiCheck will specify a maximum collection limit of R150.
  • The tabs below show instruction to accept via mobile app. If you need instructions for accepting via USSD, ATM, Call Cantre, etc. please click on “View Full Instructions”.