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  1. About Discovery Life
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Discovery Life is a company that needs little to no introduction. Discovery has been promoting healthy living and well-being for the last two decades. Discovery Life has established themselves as a company that cares for their customers.

This trusted provider has been offering some of the most original and interesting insurance products South Africa has ever seen. With many financial and health products, Discovery Life has become a household name.

They offer reliable products that will encourage you to live a healthy and fruitful life. Discovery products often complement each other. This is why many clients make use of them for all their insurance needs.

InSHoor™ mainly focuses on the Discover funeral plan; however, we can assist with other Discovery products as well.


Discovery Health:

The Discovery Health Medical Scheme is currently SA’s leading open medical aid. They offer the broadest range of health plans available in the market. Discovery Health offers various products to suit the needs of every client. You can choose from the most basic to the most comprehensive medical aid products possible.

With Discovery, one of the most competent providers in South Africa will handle your medical scheme. Discovery Health offers affordable healthcare that is both reliable and trusted.

Discovery Life:

They offer affordable life insurance that adapt to your needs. This product offers consumers full cover for death, disability and severe illness. You can get cover for the whole family. They offer many benefits that can improve your insurance policy. For example, with the Cash Conversion benefit, you can receive tax-free cash payouts. This benefit is throughout the life of your policy. Integrating your Life Plan with other Discovery products can offer generous discounts.

With quick payouts and cash back benefits, they are a life insurance provider worth considering. They have been around the block and will help you live a healthier life.


Discovery Insure:

With Discovery Insure, you can enjoy short term insurance. Short term includes home and vehicle insurance. As always, this provider rewards clients for their well being. With state of the art telematics, they can reward clients for driving safely. Just one more way they are trying to improve the lives of their clients. Insuring your vehicle with them can save you up to 50% on fuel topped up at BP garages. With the rising cost of fuel, this policy can help you save money.

Discovery Invest:

Discovery invest offers smart investors the opportunity to invest for high returns. The great news is that even with high-performance, they still offer much-needed protection against volatile markets.

Discovery Invest strives to bring clients investments options that are truly effective. Discovery helps you invest smartly, helping you grow your available capital.

Vitality Rewards Program

Most of us will have heard the words “Discovery Vitality.” It is a loyalty program Discovery use to promote health and welfare. With Vitality, you will receive various benefits and discounts that will promote your lifestyle.

Promoting healthy living consists of many amazing benefits. You can enjoy discount on a new pair of sneakers or even your gym membership. The healthier you life your lifestyle, the higher your rewards will be. This is how Discovery encourages you to focus on your health.



They are a well-managed insurance provider. They focus on the consumer. They do not forget about the insurance part of their service. You can rest assured that you, your family and even your belongings are safe. With easy and efficient claims, you can rest with confidence.

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