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Essential Med

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Essential Med is an inexpensive medical insurance provider. They present a refreshing take on medical insurance in South Africa. Many people know them for their gap cover products. Please note, “ Gap Cover” is not a medical aid. They offer clients a wide range of short-term medical insurance products. Gap cover is just one of many products they have. Essential Med has products for every segment of the market. It does not matter if you have a medical aid scheme or not. Regardless of your current policies, they most likely have something that will benefit you.

Essential Med offers clients an interesting range of medical insurance products. They offer healthcare and gap cover products. They have medical insurance for clients that cannot afford traditional medical aid rates. They believe that everybody should have access to quality private healthcare. If you have medical aid, the can cover the gap for you.


Essential Med Gap Cover

Essential Med can top-up your existing medical aid policy. They offer a product that will compliment your medical aid, rather than replace it. Some medical aids will reimburse from 100% to 300% of medical scheme rates. However, some specialists can charge as much as 500%. The shortfall will be your responsibility. Essential Med aims to bridge the gap between specialist rates and medical aid settlement rates.

If you ever claimed on your medical aid, your might have seen the words “ co-payment.” With gap cover, you can claim back your co-payment from Essential Med. It means that your procedure will not take money from your pocket. It can help you save a lot of your hard-earned money. For a small monthly premium, you can rest assured.

Often when a client takes out medical aid, the do not fully understand the product. There is a lot of information to take in. If the sales person tells you, you can claim up to 300%, it sounds great. If you understand the industry, you will know that 300% is but a drop in the bucket. Make sure you understand your medical aid. If you are unsure, feel free to let us know. We will help clear it up for you.

Essential Med Hospital Plan

Accidents can happen to anybody at any time. Accidents do not favor race, age, or even lifestyle. It is important to prepare for the worst.. Unfortunately, we cannot always prevent accidents. We can, however do our best to limit financial risk.

The Essential Med Hospital plan will provide you with a daily cash benefit for every day you spend in the hospital. This hospital plan is limited to accidents only. It does not pay out when you go to the hospital for illness, etc. This benefit will fire after the first 24 hours of hospitalization. At Essential Med, they understand the strain of going to the hospital. They help clients get access to private hospitals. This protection is for a small monthly premium. It does not cost you an arm and a leg. Much like car insurance, you hope you never have to use it. However, worst case scenario, you have some form of protection. A serious accident can run up a massive hospital bill. We have heard many horror stories of hospital bills that run into hundreds of thousands of Rands.

With Essential Med, you can receive as much as R6500 per day. There are no medical examinations required when you join. This amount can help reduce the stress of having to pay the hospital. During a serious accident, money is the last thing you want on your mind.

Essential Med Hospital Plan Benefits:

  • Access to Emergency Services
  • A Quality Hospital Plan with Efficient & Prompt Claim Services
  • Affordable Hospital Cover for Both You & Your Family
  • A Hospital Plan with Regular Day to Day Benefits
  • For Accidents, There are No Time Restriction on Emergency Visits
  • A Hospital Plan with a Wide Range of Medical Benefits

Additional Essential Med Hospital Plan Benefits:

  • Essential Med Pays for Illness Hospitalization (Up to R6,500 Per a Day)
  • Maternity Hospitalization Cover
  • Dread Disease Lump Sum Hospitalization Cover (Up to R9 000 per Day)
  • Accident Hospitalization Cover (Amounts Range From R75 000 up to R400 000 Depending on Policy Selected.)
  • HIV / Aids Benefits
  • Emergency & Casualty Visits
  • Death Benefits
  • Day-to-Day Medical Insurance

The Essential Med hospital plan includes day-to-day benefits. You will receive unlimited access to an established network of providers. There are more than 3000 health practitioners all over South Africa in the network.

Medical Insurance & Gap Cover

Some benefits on this plan include:

1. Unlimited (GP) General Practitioners visits.
2. Partial Cover for Out-of-Network or Emergency After-Hour Consultations.
3. Unlimited Prescribed & Acute Medication.
4. Chronic Medication Upon Successful Registration & Approval.
5. Optometry.
6. Unlimited Referred Black & White X-Rays & Blood Tests.
7. Basic Dentistry, Including Dentist Consultations & Procedures (Network-Registered).

Waiting Periods

Please note that waiting periods are applicable for all the listed benefits. Waiting periods range from 30 days to 12 months. The majority of benefits will have 30 days, with optometry as an exception.


Essential Med offers clients pioneering medical insurance products. For a small monthly premium, you can become financially prepared. They offer products for clients with, or without medical aid.


Get your free Essential Med quote today.



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