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Home Insurance - New Home Owners


Many uninformed people in South Africa do not fully understand how important it is to have home insurance. It is vital for both your building and home content. Your physical building might be relatively low on risk. Some people do not feel the need to insure the roof above their heads. If a disaster strikes, this can most certainly prove to be a very bad decision. For example, if an electrical or other fire affects your home, you can become homeless. When considering home insurance, it is important to know that you should not just think of the obvious risks. Home insurance can sometimes be purely associated with everyday loss. For example, theft or accidental damage. Just as important, if not more so is specifically massive loss because of a fire or natural disaster.

As a Director of InSHoor™, I know first-hand what it is like to lose everything due to an electrical fire. I have lost my personal home due to an unexplained fire in December 2011. I quickly realized the how utterly important it is to have adequate insurance for both your home and its contents. I lost 95% of my home contents. Luckily, I had comprehensive home insurance. This was the very best decision I have made in my life. Due to a quality home insurance product, I was able to effectively bounce back in no time. Do not regret not having a quality home insurance product when tragedy strikes. Due to the low risk associated with your home, the premiums are usually very affordable.

Some South African home insurance providers will allow you to add your home contents to an existing short-term insurance policy. For example, if you already insure your vehicle with a trusted provider, you can usually include your home contents for a small extra premium.

Portable Possessions

Living in the information age changed the way we commute. Nowadays, it seems like we are carrying a fortune with us wherever we go. There are specific products that will insure items carried with you. With this additional option, you can specify the exact items you want to insure.

Below is a basic list of useful examples of what can be covered under your portable possessions insurance policy:

• Laptop
• Camera
• Cell phone
• Expensive Jewellery, etc

Home Content Insurance

There is a wide range of insurable home contents. Some items might be more obvious than others might. With a comprehensive home insurance policy, you can be covered for just about every imaginable situation.

Below is a basic list of useful examples of items that can be insured under a home insurance policy:

• External Items e.g. Washing or Garden Furniture
• Cash, Personal Documents, Collectables, Coins, etc.
• Locks & Keys Damaged During Robbery
• Spoiled food during outage
• Clothing, Shoes, Linen, etc.
• Electronic Goods, Appliances, etc.
• Furniture, Carpets, etc.
• Liability cover for tenants, householder or domestic employee, etc.

Building Insurance

This is specifically for the unforeseen related to your building. This can include fire, lightning or even a burst geyser or pipe. A burst geyser can cause severe damage to your building; it is a very important risk to ensure.

Below is a basic list of useful examples of what can be covered under your building insurance policy:

1. Natural Elements Like Storms or Floods
2. Burst Pipes / Geyser
3. Natural Disasters like Earthquakes etc.
4. Impact with your Home. Vehicle, falling trees, etc.
5. Damage Caused by Break-in or Theft
6. Loss of Rent
7. Swimming Pool, Walls & Gates
8. Rent to Live Elsewhere

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At InSHoor™, we can help you find all your home & building insurance products under one roof. For a free quote, feel free to contact us for more information. We can offer you a risk-free quote. If you are satisfied with your home contents policy, we can arrange it for you hassle free.

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