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Insurance Product Basics

Types of

Life: E.g. life insurance & funeral cover
Short Term: E.g. vehicle and home
Commercial: E.g. business & liability
Medical: E.g. medical aid & gap cover
Income Protection: E.g. Retrenchment Insurance

Importance of having Insurance
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When is the best time to get insured?


When is the best time to get insured?


At InShoor™, we do our best to comprehensively accommodate every client’s insurance needs. We offer a wide range of insurance products you can choose from. We have been in business since late 2011, we have had more than enough time to find, and test potential insurance partners. We have grown our product offering over the past couple of years and represent some of the most sought after insurance providers in SA. Representing only the top providers gives us the confidence that our clients will always be in great hands.

We can help our clients find just about any insurance product under the sun. Allow us the opportunity to give you free insurance quotes.  If you require a product we don’t currently offer, we will do our best source it for you from a reputable provider. We always walk the extra mile to help & support our clients. At InSHoor™, we are committed to offering the best possible service to our clients at all times.

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What Types of Insurance Are Essential:

There are so many different types of insurance products on the market. You even get insurance that will cover your insurance. At the end of the day, where does a person draw the line when it comes to insurance products?

It all depends on your specific needs. There are so many insurance products that are vital to ensure your risks are covered. However, there are many other products that can add value to your life.

There are always new insurance products on the market. Traditionally most people will need to have some for of life or funeral cover and short term insurance.


It is important to make sure that you cover the risks linked with your needs. If you have a vehicle, we would strongly urge you to get some form of protection. Even if times are tough, don’t neglect your insurance products. Imagine if you have a fairly cheap vehicle and drive into the back of an expensive Italian sports car…. There are basic versions available. It can at least cover you for third party damage. Having the right insurance is the responsible thing to do. Do not get yourself into hot water…

Feel free to let us know if you have specific insurance product needs. When you complete our basic contact form, feel free to use the optional message section to your advantage. Let us know what you require, this way we can be as prepared as possible when we contact you.


Types of Insurance


Amount of Providers

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