Table of Contents:

  1. About AVBOB
  2. Funeral Services
  3. Affordable Family Cover
  4. Waiting Periods
  5. AVBOB Funeral Policy Benefits:
  6. List of Optional Benefits:
  7. List of Free Benefits:
  8. Conclusion

When it comes to funeral insurance, the first name most likely to pop in your mind will be AVBOB. They launched in Bloemfontein in 1921. They have been around for almost 100 years. A century is a notable amount of experience. They have had ample time to engineer their products. Since inception, AVBOB has grown into a Billion Rand Mutual Society.

What this means is that with AVBOB, you are not just a policy owner. You become a stakeholder. They have paid back more than 1.3 Billion Rand back in special bonuses. This massive amount was just in the last couple of years. For 2012 /2013, they announced a further 1 Billion. They will pay out this amount in special bonuses. They have no external shareholders. The policyholders will directly benefit from the success of the society.

AVBOB currently insures more than 3.5 Million lives. Considering the amount of people that own a funeral policy in SA, this amount is significant. AVBOB funeral cover is unique in many ways. Unlike a traditional funeral plan, they offer a one-stop solution. AVBOB has more than 200 offices in South Africa. No matter where you are, you are likely to find an AVBOB branch right on your doorstep. They obviously understand funerals and everything revolving around it. They understand that in a time of need, the last thing a family wants is inconvenience. You can get everything from under one roof. You do not have to run around trying to figure out what to do next. They will guide you every step of the way. You know you are in great hands... Read More On This Page


Funeral Services

Due to the sheer capacity of this brand, AVBOB can do most of the required services in-house. When you claim on an AVBOB funeral policy, you will have two options. You can take the cash payout and arrange the funeral using various providers. This way you can allocate funds to various services using several companies. Alternatively, you can ask AVBOB to arrange the funeral on your behalf. Using the latter option, AVBOB will arrange everything you need. All the remaining money goes to the family. With this option, you will receive a wide range of funeral services free of charge.

Affordable Family Cover

You can cover a wide range of family members. There are many single income households in South Africa. Many families rely on just one breadwinner. This is the reason you can cover your direct and indirect family members. You can include your brothers and sister on this plan. It  makes this product great for larger families. You can cover up to 9 extended family members. This number is over and above your direct family. Direct family will include your spouse, children and parents.

Waiting Periods

AVBOB is one of the most established funeral insurance providers in South Africa. They also offer a great life insurance policy. It requires no underwriting. It means that there will be no medical examination or questions. However, there will be a six-month basic waiting period. With AVBOB, all waiting periods are only for natural causes of death. It is simply to prevent people from taking out policies at the last minute. To make up for the waiting periods; there will be accidental death cover included. If the claim is due to an accident, the payout will double. If the life is insured for R10 000, the payout will be R20 000.

AVBOB Funeral Policy Benefits:

List of Optional Benefits:

  • Fresh Flowers at Service
  • Catering at Church
  • Catering at Home
  • Memorial Pamphlets
  • Family Cars
  • Tents and Chairs at Home, etc.

List of Free Benefits:

  • Use of AVBOB Hearse
  • Use of Coffin Lowering Device
  • Basic Funeral Up to R9 600*
  • Transport of Deceased (Only in SA)
  • Use of Mortuary
  • Name Plate on Coffin
  • Death Registration at Home Affairs, etc.



We have submitted many 1000’s AVBOB applications to date. We submit no less than 300 policies every month. We have received numerous compliments from our clients. We often receive messages of gratitude. Our clients often inform us that they did exactly what they promised. This feedback gives us the confidence that we can provide our clients with the best funeral insurance in the business. We have a lot of faith in this provider. We have been working with them since day one. To get your free AVBOB quote, please complete the contact form on our website. You will get a call back from a friendly consultant. Our consultants understand this product. They will help you shape your policy to be great.

Get your free AVBOB funeral cover quote today.