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About BrightRock

We recently partnered with a very innovative company called BrightRock. We believe they can reinvent the local life insurance industry. They have an amazing team of highly skilled executives. The company was founded by some of the most prominent and reputable names in the industry.

BrightRock was born partly due to the ability to foresee and respond to future trends. BrightRock subscribes to the principles of TCF. This a new set of regulations that ensure that all financial services firms “Treat Customers Fairly.” This law is great news for South-African consumers. Regulated firms are required to disclose all aspects of their products and to design. Companies must sell their products in a way that protects consumers’ rights. With absolute transparency and better products, the consumer will in future be far better educated. Proper product education must begin before the client signs up. With TCF, you the consumer can rest assured that providers would not deceive you. BrightRock quickly joined the cause. They had got all their products ready before the law was in place.

BrightRock Needs Based Life Insurance

There are various reasons InSHoor™ believes that BrightRock will be a major force in the local industry. First of all, BrightRock offers new products and services that are transparent and beneficial to all parties involved.

Secondly, BrightRock has designed a new type of life insurance product. They call it needs-matched life insurance. The life policy will fit your needs perfectly. This new technology also results in major upfront premium savings. Because BrightRock Life Insurance is needs based, the price is more relevant. You do not pay for things & amounts you do not need. You have much better control over your life policy.

Over and above perfectly catering for your needs, your product will grow with you over the years. You can easily change your product as your needs change. You can reallocate your premium from one need to the other. For example, you can assign cover to pay off your debt should something happen to you one day. However, your debt will probably be less a few years later. You can then easily transfer your premiums so your insured amount can cater for other needs. It can include needs like education, medical needs, etc.

BrightRock has identified the most important needs most families will have:

BrightRock Benefits:

1. Debt needs, this includes your bonds, clothing accounts, vehicle finance, credit cards, etc.
2. Death-related needs include your funeral, estates duties and other costs that revolve around your death.
3. Additional expense needs; this includes various unpredictable costs associated with illness or injury. For example, installing a wheelchair ramp
4. Household needs, like paying your utility bills, groceries and insurance.
5. Childcare needs, this includes school fees, stationery, university costs, etc.
6. Healthcare needs, like your medical aid contribution, prescribed medicine or even costs not covered by your medical aid, etc.

Allocating Life Insurance Funds

The consumer will be able to assign an amount directly to each category above. This control means that you will have the relevant cover in place at all times. BrightRock understands that your needs will change over time. Why should your life insurance stay the same throughout your life? By seeing each category, you can understand your needs better. It is much easier to understand your needs when it is broken up into chunks.
A complete needs-based plan allows the insured life to take full control of the policy.

BrightRock offers a product that adapts to your needs at all times. Effectively offering you a product that will be relevant regardless of the duration the policy was in force. It is a great benefit to have on any long term life policy. Often people find that after 3o years, the policy does not stay relevant. It is important to keep your life policy current. With needs-matched life insurance products, your allocated cover, and your premiums also remains relevant. Often standard life insurance policies become unsustainable due to massive increases and ineffective placing of your cover.

Provider Sustainability

BrightRock is an underwriting management agency of trusted provider, Lombard Life Limited. The largest reinsurer in the world reinsures them. They currently operate under Lombard Life’s existing life licence. It should give the insured life the greatest peace of mind. They are not going anywhere. BrightRock is here to stay.

BrightRock’s headquarters is in Johannesburg; however, they have regional divisions in the major centers of Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban.

Additionally, BrightRock has a strong national distribution footprint. They achieve this through independent financial advisers from all corners of South Africa.


BrightRock life insurance is a very hip and happening life product. They found a way to make life insurance easy to understand. There is nothing better than a straightforward life policy. They offer a very transparent product. They do not hide behind overlapping benefits. You get exactly for what you pay. They do not offer benefits you do not need. It helps keep the cost low and die policy effective.

We believe in this provider. We feel they have something great to offer consumers. Although they are still new, they will soon be amongst the leading life insurance companies in SA. We are grateful to be a part of their journey.

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